April 12, 2008

Clothesline theme ideas

The clotheline in my opinion is the easiest for decoration. It can be used both for girls and for boys and is combined with various colors. You can use pastel colours such as green, yellow, purple and orange.
This theme like Baby Blocks theme is also ideal for twins or triplets in addition to being used when not know the sex of the baby.

The photos will give you an idea of what can be done using clothesline theme , in addition to the Printable kit you already know.

What I really like about clotheline theme, is that baby cloth can be part of decoration and gifts for the baby.
You can make each guest hang (Put a string yarn from one corner of the room to another)baby cloth for decoration. Or make them bring another cloth in addition to the gift. This will depend on the budget and of course the guests.
Another option is to ask the parents to cooperate with the baby cloth they have already purchased for the baby.


You can give onesies cookies as favors o game prizes, wrapped in a cellophane bag with a tag.

These aromatic sachets could be good favors and game prizes too.

Look at this stork! It's a good option to put the favors inside.

The shadow boxes are good gifts where parents to be can put baby's born date

Enjoy it!