April 12, 2008

What's a Baby Shower?

The Baby Shower is a celebration where friends and family gather to celebrate the upcoming birth, or the arrival of a new member of the family, in the case of being an adoptive child.

Originally Baby Shower was a meeting where women are close to the expectant mother, gathered to give advice and share experiences.
In our times it is very common that the meetings are made with both the mother and the father, also with family and friends, at the office and even with children.

The purpose of a Baby Shower goes beyond games and gifts, it is an opportunity to support and give advice to parents-to-be.

Traditionally, Baby Shower was a celebration for first-time parents, now celebrating with the second or third child is very common, every baby deserves to have a celebration for his arrival into the world.
Parents also find it useful because with the gifts can get new products for their baby, most modern and safest depending on the time that has passed between babies.

A new baby is always a good reason to celebrate, parents-to-be need advice and support especially from friends and family.