April 12, 2008

Baby Shower Food

Food plays a role as important as decoration and entertainment at a baby shower.

What you offer is going to depend on the time of the meeting and the budget you have to do so.
You can host it in the morning, where you can offer a mix of coffe and tea with pastries and mini sandwiches.

If you choose to give a lunch, it could be a barbeque or a lite menu of finger-food and mini sandwiches, they are easy to eat and you will not necesary need to put tables and dishes.

You can also have different dips spreads on bread, biscuits or toast.

You should not overlook healthy meals, someone is always taking care to meals and is a good detail taken into account.
You can prepare sticks of carrot, celery, cucumber and accompany it with a cream cheese dip.

If the meeting is with a few close friends, one good option is give a fondue; you can make it of chocolate or cheese depending on the timetable.