April 12, 2008

Baby Shower FAQ

The Baby Shower practically are being held in most countries. The customs vary from one country to another, and especially since the Baby Shower became a social event, but there are certain basic rules that can be taken into account, no matter where you are.

Who hold the Baby Shower?
Generally Baby Shower is hold by a relative, a friend or coworker.

Can mother to be hold her own baby shower?
On our times, that the mother or father hold their own baby shower is more and more common, as it is celebrating the arrival of a very special baby. In this case, it would be appropriate to clarify that it is invited to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and not to receive gifts. It would also be desirable to have the help of another person to handle its host, so that parents to be can enjoy without pressure.

When hold the baby shower?
The best time to make the Baby Shower is in the last trimester of pregnancy, although some choose to do it after the baby is born, to know him and bring as a gift, items that the baby does not yet have.

Baby Shower for first time moms?
The Baby Shower is not only to celebrate the birth of the first child, but also each of them.

Theme or not theme?
To make it much easier organizing your Baby Shower, it is good to select a theme. A theme ussually tells you what to choose when you are shopping for decoration, also can help you with games, food and favors.
If you know the sex of the baby can use specific colors such as pink and blue.
If you do not know the sex, there are themes that can be used for both, such as clothesline or baby blocks theme and always try to use pastel colours.

Where hold the Baby Shower?

Usually at host's home, but you can ask parents, perhaps prefer to do it at their home (especially if the baby has already born), you also can host it in a restaurant. In this case, don't forget to call asking if you can decorate.

The food read more
If you host it on the afternoon, you can offer a mix of coffee and tea with pastries and mini sandwiches.
If you choose to give a lunch, it could be a barbecue or a lite menu of finger-food and mini sandwiches, they are easy to eat and you will not necessary need to put tables and dishes.

Are games necessary?
The host must be prepared in advance with games to entertain the guests, it's not an obligation. Everything depends on the mood of the guests. If you host the baby shower in a restaurant, host must have printable games to be play seated, as the lottery, family trivia, and so on.

Do I need a hostess?
It's advisable to assign a person to receive guests, organize games, and see evething is like should be such as drink, food, etc. It will also depend on the amount of guests.

Men and Children?
If you usually go out together and meet in pairs, the Baby Shower also can be mixed. The Baby Shower with children can be very funny, if the mother-to-be already has children is a good idea to include them. Do not forget that they are part of the family too!

Can I have more than one Baby Shower?
Of course. Different people may want to hold a Baby Shower but do not necessarily have to know each other, so you can have a baby shower with relatives, the other with friends, another with co-workers, etc.

Adoptive Parents can hold a Baby Shower?
Of course, like any mother or father. Usually occurs when the baby is already at home, after one or two months to give them time to know each other and adapt.