June 09, 2008

Prince Theme Idea

Prince theme is basically same like princess theme, you can change pink and silver colours by light blue and gold.

For decoration you can put golden stars around the entire room, add Christmas lights (white ones) to illuminate the place giving brighter and warmth.
As centerpieces do some crowns on golden cardboard and fill them with some white roses petals or use the flower you like the mos;, not only is pretty but also they perfume the room.
Do not forget to buy golden and light blue balloons!

Buy a beautiful tiara and wand for Mom to wear during the meeting.

There are lots of baby articles with prince theme you can add to the Diaper Cake such as: onesies, booties, pacifier, towell and bibs).

In addition to the food you serve, add some details: cookies in the form of stars or crowns, prepare cupcakes with light-blue topping and add a golden star on top.
The most desirable time to celebrate a Princess Baby Shower is arround tea Time, where you can offer a mix of coffe and tea with pastries and mini-sandwiches.

As a game prize or gift to the guests you can give: organza bags with candies or herbal scents, soap on crownd shapes, aromatic salts, pens with mini-notepads (the ones which a crown on top)

If girls are invited to the party, give them a bag to play: with rings, bracelets, necklaces and tiaras, which can be found in party supplies stores or online stores too.

Give Mom a Baby Shower Memory Book, where guests can leave a messege for the little prince, and also parents can add some Baby Shower pictures to remember that special moment.