April 12, 2008

Baby Shower Basics

Celebrate with mom and dad sometimes is the important thing of a Baby Shower.
Some choose to celebrate when the baby is born, this makes it easy for guests to select gifts and also gives the opportunity to meet the baby in a "organized" way. In this way both the mother and the baby will have enough time to rest and adjust to the new routine. Remember to ask parents when they prefer to hold the Baby Shower.

Now, if they decide to celebrate the Baby Shower before their baby is born, it would be appropriate to start with the planning one month before the meeting.
Ask mom a list of guests, this will help you know how many people to invite, and you can calculate the budget from there.


1- Who can host the baby shower?
Anyone can host a shower for the mother to be, except the mother herself.
A relative, friend or coworker. If it's a surprise Baby Shower, someone close to the family should help with the guest list.

2- Guess list
Ask Parents to be to do a guess list, check with them to make sure you haven’t left out anyone who should be included. Besides they will help you with the mailing addresses too.

3- Budget
To determine how much will be spent, you must know how many people will attend, whether it will be shared with it or not, and then determine what kind of food, favors, decorations and other details you can use.

4- Choose a theme
To make it much easier organizing your Baby Shower, it is good to select a theme. You will use it for everything such: invitations, decorations, cake, favors, etc.
A theme usually serves as inspiration and practically tell you what to choose while you are buying.
See our printable kits themes

5- Food
Food decisions can be determineted by the time of a day you wish to hold the Baby Shower.
It is advisable to do so in the afternoon, where you can offer a mix of coffe and tea with pastries and mini sandwiches.

6- Location
Traditionally the Baby Shower is held at the hostess's home. You can also reserve tables at a restaurante or in a reception hall.
Most importantly thought, keep in mind what the parents to be will enjoy most.

7- When to hold Baby Shower
Normally Baby Shower takes place within the last trimester of pregnancy, be careful not to do it close to the due date, host the baby shower early enough to avoid complications and to let mother feels comfortable and can enjoy it.
If most of the guests works, you must plan it in the late evening or preferably weekend.

8- Invitations
Send invitation on advance. If you send them too late, your guests might already have other plans.

9- Games
There are a lot of games and activities you can do at the meeting. Some of them you can prepare in advance. Be sure to have some detail to the winners!

10- The big day!
Enjoy along with the guests, the most important thing is to celebrate the arrival of a new baby!
It all works out very well!